Since 1988 • About Himalayan High Treks

We have first-hand experience everywhere we go. Himalayan High Treks began in 1988 as an alternative to large, commercial travel companies — who often sub-contract a visitors experience to unknown places and people. Instead, Himalayan High Treks has first-hand knowledge of every trail, site, point-of-interest and staff member you'll encounter along your journey.

Our Small–Group and independent Custom Trips are in the company of experienced English-speaking guides who were born and live in the regions you travel. Our small size is our strength, affording us the flexibility to develop group and custom adventure itineraries with a close contact to the communities you will visit.

We don't waste. Himalayan High Treks doesn't spend a lot of money on flashy ads and expensive promotions. That's not what you want to pay for! Many of our travelers have returned for numerous trips with us. They tell family and friends about their adventures and about our services.

Our customers usually come to us by 'word of mouth' and from personal recommendations from satisfied travelers. Many return to us again and again to discover Asia in the best hands.

When you join one of our trips, you do not pay a premium for a lot of glossy corporate overhead or non-essential frills. Most of your money goes directly into your own adventure and directly to the people and places make your journey unique and wonderful! We strive to keep our prices affordable to everyone, while still offering experienced service.

We give back. Our trip leaders know each location on all our unique itineraries and keep established relationships within each community. They know the local communities, guides, guest house owners, sherpas, porters, horsemen and cooks. HHT founder Effie Fletcher says,

"We only present about ten scheduled or join-in trips each year and I or another experienced group leader accompanies each group. It's close contact and interaction with the local people in each community that creates a lasting impression...on both sides! Communication and improving community employment is one small way we can 'give back' something tangible to the friendly and welcoming people of our host countries".

Himalayan High Treks offers full services and complete itineraries for large or small groups. We produce trips for solo travelers, families, friends, organizations and groups of any size. Our Small Group Trips offer scheduled dates, planned itineraries, experienced leaders, guides and a full support staff. Our Custom Trips combine your schedule, your needs and your interests with our long experience and local network to make every detail of your trip just the way you want it.

Scheduled Trips: HHT services begin once you exit the airport arrival customs hall at the trip meeting point. Airport transfers, most meals, ground transportation, a friendly support staff, a trip leader and/or an English–speaking local trip guide, all contribute to a complete small–group adventure that lasts until you finally depart for your flight back home. You'll know everything that is included!

Independent Custom Trips: HHT services begin where and when you want. We help you create your own unique trip. Tell us your schedule and what you'd like. We develop your own detailed itinerary, organize guides and support, and book the necessary arrangements along the way. HHT staff ensures you get the best of support. We can offer full services or simple amenities — just the way you want!

All Trips: HHT consults with each participant to offer the latest updates, answer questions and ensure that you are prepared for the rigors and details of the adventure. Our efforts allow all group members to be equally prepared, in good health and with similar focus — so the trip is smooth and fun! Each participant receives a detailed itinerary, health and safety information, packing and reading lists and more.

Peace Of Mind: HHT not only provides active travel services, but we're also "a friend back home" for emergency help. If you or your family back home need special contact or urgent assistance along the way, we are available by phone, text or email. We know who you are, where you are and can help coordinate and calm a challenging, urgent situation while you're away.

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